What To-Do When Maggi Is Not Around??

What To-Do When Maggi Is Not Around??

We all underwent a shock and an air of depression has been prevailing since we got to know that Maggi will no longer be a part of our lives. But honi ko kaun taal sakta hai? So here is a list of 5 things you can do when Maggi is not around.


1. Learn to live on Popcorns: I know does not sound that cool and 2-minutes maggi has it’s own charm but at 2 am with your late night food cravings, popcorns is one thing that will serve as the most amazing savior.


2. Google some recipes: Remember the times when we were asked what all can you cook and our only answer used to be Maggi. Well guys! You’ve got to change your answer now. Go to google-baba and learn few new recipes to put on what can you cook list. Inconvenience regretted.


3. Visit 24*7 more often: Maggi was one thing that came to our rescue at night during our sleep overs and exam times. So now that it is not in to the picture, 24*7 will be the most happening place at night. So, visit the outlet near you!



4. Don’t let your mom go: All the moms you also have to now be sad because you can’t leave your kids alone without cooking for them before you go on a shopping spree. Your otherwise Maggi-depend kids now don’t have that life-hack to rely on when you’re not around.


5. Criticize the wrong Marketing: Now when there is no more Maggi, start thinking of the things wrong with it. How it never got cooked in 2-minutes and how if a little over-cooked it became sticky! Console yourself that whatever happened, happened for a reason.

And wait for the day when God will punish that soul who took away Maggi from our lives. Dear Man, you will be cursed for your wrong deeds!


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