Why Mom’s Love is Truest Form of Love

Why Mom’s Love is Truest Form of Love

Your mom has been your real life hero since forever and she is your motivator, your inspiration, your happiness, simply your EVERYTHING. So, here is an ode to her and her love!

She loves you even before you were born. No matter how you think and what you think, you are the ultimate love of her life.
She is around when you are terribly sick. There might be times when you are cranky and terribly sick but she will still stick next to you and take care of you.


She still considers you a kid even when you are in your late 20s. Asking you to come back home and telling you every little thing that needs to be done.


She always worries if you have had food or not. Whether you’re in office or just back from your school. Your food habits make all the difference in her life too.


She is your truest critic about everything. Starting from if you have put on some weight to this guy/ girl being a good choice for you, she always will give you her truest advice.


She will always know what you want, most of the times even before you know.


She literally means it every time she says your happiness is her happiness. It is not just about your happiness, it is about everything you do that makes her worry, sad or overwhelmed.


She can not say no to you for anything. She might initially not feel like saying a ‘yes’ but eventually she will see you being not happy with the decision and give you a heads up for it.


She thinks you’re the best kid on earth, no matter what. She might compare you with Gupta uncles son or Mrs. Grover’s daughter but at the end she will always think that you’re the best kid in the whole world.


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