Why One All Girls Trip Is A Must In Your Life?

Why One All Girls Trip Is A Must In Your Life?

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You are the craziest, wittiest and at your best with them! Where women are the most happening creation of God, girls are the naughtier version of them. So, this time celebrate yourself while traveling with your girlfriends:


1. Because you spent years planning one and it never happened!


2. Parents permission always remained an issue but when you have it jusssst goooo!


3. Girlies can have far more entertaining conversations through out the night!


4. They will never say no even for the 1000th picture of the day!


5. They prove better shopping partners while traveling!


6. You don’t have to worry about the way you sleep or wake up with them!


7. Because you have to go far to come close to each other secrets.


8. For the sudden exploration of love you all have while you missed in your daily busy schedules.



9. Because they are your true soul mates and have stood by you each time.


10. Because you guys not only get drunk with booze but also in many unsaid emotions!


11. Because you have traveled during college days but now its time to unwind together.


12. Because now you wont be completing assignments but each others experiences!


13. Beacuse travel diaries stay for a lifetime like you all!


Because it’s never too late! After all, why should boys have all the fun?

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