Winters Get Crazier When You Do These NAUGHTY Things With Your #BestFriendsForever

Winters Get Crazier When You Do These NAUGHTY Things With Your #BestFriendsForever

As the temperature drops and we all have fell in love with our blankets! We bring you fun and crazy every day things to do with your friends just to make the awesome winters more amazing. So go ahead and make this chilly season worthwhile with your BFFS:

1. When saying, “Mere haath bhi garam karde” wasn’t a naughty thought.


2. A surprise morning outing just to see, “Dekhte hain, kitni thand bardash kar sakte hain.”


3. Winter is the only time when you don’t mind holding your friend’s hand in public.


4. Sitting in your class and putting your hands in your friend’s jacket. ” Teri jacket zyada garam hai!”


5. Collecting wood sticks from a park for the terrace bornfire with some booze and barbeque!


6. How about an ice cream? Winters, ice cream and friends! Aachoo..


7. Leaving the lunch behind to binge on street aloo chaat, tikki, chole bhature and what not!


8. And when any of your mum question you all, ” Arey aunty thanda khaana khane se tabiyat kharab hoti hai!”


9. Making announcement for your best friend, “Ye ek hafte se nahaya nahi hai!”


10. And of course, “Ye roz yahi t-shirt pehnta hai bas jacket badal leta hai!”


11. A long drive in mid of the chilly night just to enjoy garama garam paranthe at a dhaba.


12. Teasing your friends by touching them with your cold hands.


13. Winter is the best escape time to have “little-little” of rum and brandy with your BFFs!


14. When temperature goes down exhaling fog becomes a competition, “Dekh, main terese zyada smoke kar raha hun!”



15. And yes, a new way to express your love…




Time for huggggsssss… <3




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