12 Side- Effects Of WhatsApp That Are Making Your Life Hell!

12 Side- Effects Of WhatsApp That Are Making Your Life Hell!

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Life was quite normal and joyous before. I was enjoying it anyway till the time an app called WhatsApp entered my life. It was a love at first sight and was all over whelmed by it in every way possible. But then something like this happened and life got changed! Drastically :


1. You have to be careful about your D.P all the time! Because? Colleagues, ex-colleagues, future boss, mummy, papa, jijai, chachaji, taiji, pados wali aunty and who not is there!

2. People specially peep into your status so that they can ask, “What happened? Is everything okay?” ( Let me have some gossip from your life.)

3. Yes, please! First you stalk me and then judge my life with my last seen. 5 a.m? “Omg! She was up whole night! With whom she is going around? Or is she cheating on her boyfriend?”

P.S.- What the f***k are you doing at 5 a.m yourself!


4. Why the hell people add random people in random groups? Should I post my number on a notice board as well?

5. And then you have unknown numbers with cheesiest of images to message and ask, “Hi, there?”

6. Plus, of course it eats half of the time of my life!

7. I don’t know what sleeping on time means?

8. And even if there is no buzz, I am still scrolling through my Whatsapp contacts.


9. Wanna know more? Just have a look  at the unnecessary images and videos that add up to my gallery everyday! *Images can’t be shown here*


10. It hampers your personal space when your professional colleagues send- “Hi!”


11. When you are lost in an endless thread of conversation where you are unaware of the context and you feel like..



12. The worst! Even when you don’t want to reply people catch you online or see the blue ticks if you have read and still not replied!




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