Your DIY Regime For This Holi

Your DIY Regime For This Holi

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Holi is every Indian’s favorite festival since it includes the maximum of fun with crazy colors and water splash. But this holi be a little wiser and try to protect yourselves from all the probable holi damages with these easy home remedies.

Oiling: Everybody knows this but they choose to ignore it and think it will be okay. But no, the damage caused by colors may turn really bad and oiling your hair is compulsory before Holi.


Nail Paints: Protect your nails by applying nail polish as this will give you a protective coat. This way even when you dip your hands in the dirtiest of colors, post holi you can easily take off the nail paint and protect those pinky nails that always happen to you after holi!


Moisturize: Moisturize your entire feet and hands well putting extra concentration on elbows and knees as colors tend to get stuck to these areas. So moisturizer generally gets absorbed by the skin and protects it from any damage.
Clothes: you choose to wear should cover maximum parts of your body. The best choices would be full-sleeves. The rule is: more you cover your body the less you damage your skin.
Sun Shades: Say a complete no-no to wearing lenses on holi and for that matter protect your eyes by wearing sun shades so that colored water do not enter your eyes saving your eyes any kind of damage that might occur.
Wear a Scarf: Covering your hair with a scarf can also be considered a wise choice this holi since it will protect your hair the probable damage.


Sunscreen: Despite all the moisturizing, please ensure you still put on some sun screen to avoid any kind of heat stroke. You are generally out the entire day literally basking in the sun so ensure you’re all heat protected.