Your Guide To A Perfect First Date

Your Guide To A Perfect First Date

So here is the big first date you have been relying upon for long but you are too nervous to know all the right things to do then. Do not fret now since we have an easy guide for you for your first date with that someone special. We know it will be good!

Think of an easy plan. Please do not go over board with planning a huge long day outing with too many things to do. You two are going out together for the first time, knowing each other is way too important.


Always choose on a simple restaurant with light music. Nothing too fancy, not too much boozing. Just a glass of wine and simple music with lots of talking.


Overdressing is just a simple NO-NO. You do not have to flash out too loud on your first date. Wear something which looks elegant and at the same time very decent.


Zero intimate thoughts please. It is your first date, please do not start thinking about how you will be making out or kissing. That is a true turn off.


Planning some things to talk about is absolutely normal. Think of some questions you for sure want to ask them. It is not called preparing, it is simply being a little ahead in your thought process.


Smell amazingly good. You do not want to go on a date looking all dazed out and not-so-dapper. Girls this goes for you too. A good smell is the biggest turn-on for both the genders!


Do not start too much on an emotional note. I mean, first question should never be, “How was your break up with your ex-boyfriend?”


Be funny. Keep the conversations on a light note and talk very casually with each other.
Also, not being a dud-case helps a lot. Talk and keep on listening as well. Being an active conversationalist is a serious hit on first dates. Trust us!
Compliments are a must. If you like something about each other you better be vocal about it and say it.

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