Your Zodiac Reveals Which Bollywood Movie Character Resembles Your Personality

Your Zodiac Reveals Which Bollywood Movie Character Resembles Your Personality

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Your Zodiac Says It All! Find Out

Ever wondered which movie character you resemble the most? They say that life too is a movie and we’re merely its characters juggling between our dialogues and actions as directed by the destiny. So, which one are you? What qualities define you like nothing but the best? Fearless and flamboyant who keeps the world underneath her heels or secretive and shy whose crush makes her heart skip a beat. Believe it or not, your zodiac sign has to lot to do with the personality you possess and the attitude you don. So, here comes the bucket list of all the signs out there along with a movie character that justifies each one. Are you recalling your sign, that of your boyfriend, your bestie’s and that of her boyfriend as well? Go on!

Aries – Farah in Dil Dhadakne Do

A girl known for her upbeat personality, fearless persona and intimidating attitude, that’s who you are. If something bothers you, you don’t just sit back and keep complaining, you stand up and take the charge to fix it. You crave to explore the world and cross-check everything before you rush into a decision. You’re born to fly high even if it takes you to break the cage.


Taurus – Meghna in Fashion

Stubborn, hard to please, yet the most secure and loyal person someone can ever meet. A Taurus is represented by a bull which makes sense as your warm soul is concealed under a tough and majestic exterior. Doesn’t matter how many times you fail, you will bounce back like a queen. Loyalty, stability and commitment top your priority list. You’re a stellar hugger who has got the guts to accept her mistake and rectify it without making a hue and cry over what has been lost.Screenshot_2016-07-21-17-05-47-1

Gemini – Naina in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani

As represented by a set of twins, you’re unpredictable beyond one’s wildest dreams. You’ve a dual side of every trait you possess. You could be that nerdy girl who sits silently at a corner and minds her business. In the interim, you could come out of your shell and make the party one heck of fun. You’re a cherished gem and you deserve such people around who treat you like one.Screenshot_2016-07-21-17-05-38-1

Cancer – Meera in Cocktail

A nurturer who can’t help but care for her adored ones. You take immense pleasure in lending a shoulder to someone who badly needs one to cry on. If your heart’s strings get attached to that of someone, you become his/her pal for life. Doesn’t matter how many crests and troughs come your way, letting go of your loved ones never ever comes in your pipeline.


Leo – Laila in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

A combo of fierceness, optimism, and confidence as hell with a topping of good looks and charm, that’s what we call a Leo. You’re most likely to be surrounded by a number of followers who crave your company as you make them feel comfortable in their own skin. You’re a badass leader and shyness is not in your blood. An ambitious lioness who lives in the present and doesn’t spare anyone who dares rip off her individuality.


Virgo – Ananya in 2 States

A practical, organized and logical person as you are, taking perfect decisions is a cakewalk for you. You are one of those who don’t let their emotions cover up their analytical mind. You’re the best companion anyone can get to have a 3 a.m. conversation with. Your friends rush to you whenever they need a support system by their side. You don’t mind giving your loved ones your all provided the efforts are equally reciprocated.


Libra – Geet in Jab We Met

A social butterfly who has it easy to get along pretty well with everyone around. Tagged with the ‘Miss Popular’ title, you’re known to be an easygoing people-pleaser and no other sign in the universe could win hearts all over like you do. You’re a bit unreliable and superficial when it comes to make correct choices in life. The rational wheels of your mind start to churn out only when your wrong decisions force you to regret.


Scorpio – Leela in Ramleela

A mysterious, intense person who doesn’t mind making the first move as for you, love is incomplete without a tint of intimacy. You’re bold, passionate, edgy and persistent enough to do whatever it takes to make something accomplished. You’re susceptible to changes and rarely lose control but do not forget and forgive someone that easily. Symbolized by the scorpion and the eagle, you’re loaded with tons of defensive and wavering emotions.


Sagittarius – Akira in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Spontaneous, seeking adventure in everything that comes your way, having a fun-loving outlook towards life and a reckless free bird who simply can’t be tamed – that’s you my dear! You live in the moment making it unbeatable in terms of excitement and don’t give much thoughts to what future has in store for you. You’re never too emotional and like to keep your feelings under wraps. Symbolized by the archer, which is half man, half horse, signifies your curiosity for knowledge and philosophy.


Capricorn – Ayesha in Wake Up Sid

You’re a grown-up mature girl with a high self-esteem and a perfect dose of self-discipline. You’re not one of those who have their hearts on their sleeve. Capricorns are symbolized by the goat and that’s what demonstrates your impressive drive for success. You’re choosy with a classy taste and your elegance is your most prized possession. A girl who gets pleased with fake compliments, that’s not who you are.


Aquarius – Meeta in Hasee Toh Phasee

The water bearer symbol represents the sign’s wisdom and truthfulness. You’re literally one in a million as you believe in changing trends and walking on roads less taken. You love to do things the unconventional way and don’t give a damn if your odd one out lifestyle raises someone’s eyebrows. You’re a spontaneous creature with a progressive brain and a kindhearted soul but also aloof and unemotional at times. You’re one of those independent folks who crave intellectual stimulation and typically do their own things to find it.


Pisces – Aarohi in Ashiqui 2

Represented by a fish, you’re gentle, peaceful, kind and optimistic a soul as can be and come out of your shell just for some really special people who matter in your life. A compassionate, loyal and extremely spiritual creature as you are, you are more than willing to burn yourself to give warmth to others. You always have a peak of emotions – you’re ecstatic when happy and equally miserable when sad. Instead of complaining, you love to see the brighter side of your life as you believe that there’s beauty concealed in every simple thing.